Sunday, March 18, 2012

Join the Campaign for Quality Education and Jobs!

We need your help to put the Quality Education and Jobs Act, a voter initiative, on the November 2012 ballot to ensure that our schools have the resources they need to educate our children.

This past summer, we helped spearhead the effort to draft a voter initiative that will provide stable funding four our children's schools for generations to come. If we can pass this initiative, it will allow Arizona o reinvest wisely in education and prevent the budgetary free fall that has endangered our children and our state's economy.

November 2012, the Quality Education and Jobs Act is our chance to put the people back in power, rather than feeling powerless over the cuts that have punished our children with much larger class sizes, lack of basics like textbooks and the loss of counselors, librarians, music and arts or P.E.

To pass this initiative, we will need your help in the following ways:

  • Circulate petitions. This is the crucial first step. We have to collect 225,000 signatures by July 5, 2012 to ensure we are on the November 2012 ballot.
  • Go door-to-door to talk with voters.
  • Make a contribution to help pay for legal fees incurred during the drafting of ballot language, print election signs, run TV and radio ads and more.
  • Help spread the word to other education supporters

Can you help? Join the campaign for Quality Education and Jobs today by clicking here.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

We've launched the Quality Education and Jobs Initiative Campaign!

Dear Friends:

We want to share some very exciting news!  Today (March 9, 2012) at 10 a.m., we launched the Quality Education and Jobs Campaign to strengthen our children’s education and our state’s economy.

    We filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s Office that allows us to begin collecting signatures to place a once-in-a-generation measure on the ballot this November.  (We’ll have a table at the Festival of Books in Tucson – Booth # 218 – if you want to stop by this weekend to sign the petition.)

    The Quality Education and Jobs Initiative will ask voters to renew the one-cent sales tax to achieve the following:
  • Protect K-12 education funding from further legislative cuts and create a dedicated source of revenue for education across the spectrum – benefiting students of all ages.
  • Help educators implement new, more rigorous Common Core standards for K-12, which come online in 2015-2016, as well as other reforms.
  • Create university and community college scholarship programs, and provide funding for university operations.
  • Reinvest in career and technical education at the high school and community college levels, as well as GED programs.
  • Create a poverty index that directs resources to school districts and charters schools to help children living in poverty succeed and to fund voluntary preschool programs.
  • Provide funding for KidsCare, a healthcare program for children living in poverty, and create a Family Stability fund for state agencies and non-profits that help address hunger, homelessness, family violence and child care.
  • Create new jobs and protect public safety by protecting state funds that are directed toward DPS officers and transportation projects, and by creating a new fund to build roads, rail and transit.
     Our all-volunteer team has spent the past 10 months working to make this a reality.  We appreciate all of your support along the way, and look forward to working with you so we can win in November!

   First, we have to collect 172,809 signatures by July 5 to get on the ballot.  We have hired professional petition circulators who will begin collecting signatures this weekend, but the more we can collect through volunteers, the more funds we’ll have to spend connecting with voters through mail and advertising.

    Can you help?

   We will be having training sessions for volunteers who want to circulate petitions and join our speaker’s bureau.  If you are interested and haven’t signed up already, do so here:  CAMPAIGN FOR EDUCATION 2012.

    This is a true grassroots effort, so we also will need your donations to run the campaign.  You can donate online at or by check.  You can send donations to:

Quality Education and Jobs
 530 McDowell Road, #107-290
 Phoenix, AZ  85004

     Be sure and note your occupation and employer on the check.  There are no limits to the amount that individuals can give to an initiative effort.  Corporations are also allowed to donate.

    To read the ballot language and the press release, please go to the campaign website, .

   Thank you!

Your AEN team,

Ann-Eve Pedersen
Eileen Jackson
Jen Darland
Lisa Ferko
MaryLee Moulton

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coming soon!

This is the future blogging home for the Arizona Education Parent Network, formerly known as the Arizona Education Network. Be sure to bookmark this space!

The Arizona Education Parent Network Team